• 10-Week Season
  • Hitting League
  • Pitching League
  • Whiffle Ball
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  • All Skills Camp
Southwest Baseball League
Indoor Summer League
Baseball is back and ready to get going again this summer! But we won't be on a field to get our swings and pitches in. We have partnered up with D-BAT of West El Paso to bring you a special summer season that is loaded with fun stuff that will not only keep you active in baseball this summer, but you will improve your skills as well!

Watch the video below for more information on the league
Register for D-BAT Membership!
When you become a member at D-BAT of West El Paso, you not only get all the benefits of being a members, but you also get to SAVE $$$ on the Summer League!
**NOTE** - You DO NOT have to be a member at D-BAT of West El Paso to register for the league, but you MUST be a member prior to registering for the league if you want the discount
Register for Summer League!
Click on the button below to register for the SWBL Summer League!

The season is scheduled to begin Monday, June 15, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have To Be A Member At D-BAT of West El Paso In Order To Play In The League?
No.....if you choose not to become a member at D-BAT of West El Paso, that is completely fine and it will not prevent you from registering and participating in the summer league at their location. 
I'm A Member At D-BAT of West El Paso...Does My Discount Work Towards The League Fee?
Yes....If you are a Platinum Member you will receive your 30% off discount and if you are a Gold member you will receive your 20% discount
I Am A Member At Another D-BAT...Will My Discount Still Apply?
No....The discount is only valid if you are a current member at D-BAT of West El Paso
Can I Get My Membership And Register At The Same Time?
No....You will need to sign up for a membership first and complete the purchase so that the system recognizes your membership and then go back to register for the league. At checkout for the league, the system will automatically put in your discount.
Why Am I Registering Through D-BAT For The League Registration?
Since we are not having this league on our fields, but at D-BAT of West El Paso, by registering through their website allows them to get the necessary documents and waivers taken care of for their insurance purposes.
How Will The League Know That I Registered?
Once you finish your registration, you will be emailed a receipt. Simply take that receipt and forward it to:
What If I Don't Have A Team, Can I Still Play?
Absolutely.....all you need to do is when you email us the copy of your registration receipt, just include that you are a "Free Agent" and need a team and we will place you on a team of your age bracket.
How Do I Let The League Know The Team I Am On?
When you email us the copy of your registration receipt, simply tell us the team name and age group that you are on and we will record it.
Who Can I Contact If I Have Additional Questions?
Please Text - 214-207-1572 with your questions for quickest response
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